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Welcome to the Northwest's only custom woodworking store, specifically focused on Airsoft !

Check out our previously made storage boxes, rifle racks, armour stands and more, and browse our store to find just what you’re looking for. More and more stock will be added weekly.

Find us on Facebook,, and join us in the public Facebook group 'North West Airsoft'.

Website still under development. Themes, styles, any layout may be changed. and more added daily!

Head over to the 'Woodwork collection' page to browse a range of fully custom airsoft storage boxes, rig stands, wall racks, and much more !!

Boxes can range from £80 to £170, a budget that suits most, and being fully customisable you can be assured everything will fit perfectly and look great !

Whether its for easy transport to and from game days or to show off your collection in your home, we cover it all ! Head over to the 'Contact' tab to get a quick quote, or find us on Facebook for a discussion.